With a boutique  approach to Recruiting, 17 HANDS, LLC. is able to develop a personal rapport with the most talented candidates in your industry. We dig deeper than looking at experience 'on paper', to determine if someone is the right fit for the culture of your organization, and will work well within your current employee base.  We are not simply seeking to fill a role, we are looking for candidates who will  add long term value to your company..  We want our recruits to stay with you, and grow with your business.  


Many of our clients had been spending large amounts of money to use online recruiting software and websites, finding that the people they were hiring just weren't a good fit, and would end up leaving shortly after they were hired.  What they now know, after working with 17 HANDS, LLC., is that, finding interested candidates isn't the hard part, it's determining who is truly the BEST fit for a particular role. That process takes time, and often requires reaching out to, screening and interviewing many candidates before finding the 'right one'.  That is where we come in.  

We believe that Recruiting the best people out there is a Full Time job, and most business owners, Executives and H.R. Directors simply don't have the time to devote to that quest.  We also believe that recruiting great employees should be affordable enough for ANY business.  For that reason, we don't work on inflated commissions or bonuses, and we tailor our service packages to the needs of each particular business.


We don't simply post ads on the internet looking for candidates (you can do that yourself)...we specifically target and reach out to candidates that we are sure are among the best, and only those who are at the TOP of our list make it to you.  We see your candidate through the entire process, from interview scheduling to salary negotiation.   

We have achieved proven success for our clients, recruiting and hiring top performers across various industries: Skilled Trades, Retail (Luxury, Boutique and Speciality), Legal, Executive, Administrative, Customer Relations, Beauty and Wellness, Non-Profits, Restaurants, Tech and many more.  


Having a hard time finding the 'one'?  Call us, we welcome the challenge.