A 20 year veteran of the retail industry, Bonnie Larity Carson is the founder and President of 17 HANDS, LLC. Bonnie has served in high-level leadership roles with global brands such as Juicy Couture, Ted Baker London, Limited Brands, The Body Shop, AllSaints Spitalfields US, and Saks 5th Avenue. 


Bonnie’s experience within major retail organizations has allowed her to successfully transition into directing retail for small to mid-size businesses, while providing ongoing consultative support for others. 





Bonnie has directed numerous high-profile store openings throughout the United States, overseeing the brand expansion process from new hire recruitment and training, to stock-in, merchandising and ribbon cutting.  Bonnie has established excellence in project management, and the ability to motivate large teams to successfully accomplish a common goal.


Bonnie succeeds at placing top talent at the helm of every business, consistently recruiting, hiring and retaining competent candidates. An expert in the arena of employee development, Bonnie identifies untapped strengths, and has trained and developed numerous recruits to higher-level positions within major organizations.  As a training manager for global retailers, Bonnie has educated and motivated large store teams toward achieving top line results.


Bonnie’s expertise in Change Management has been consistently utilized by big names in the industry.  Bonnie has successfully restructured large teams, facilited new operational procedures, and addressed employee relations and Human Resources concerns for brands througout the United States.  Additionally, Bonnie has had a hand in creating and amending Employee Handbooks and Policy and Procedure for corporate retailers and small businesses, alike.


Bonnie is a valuable resource in growing your audience and potential customer base, having launched successful Social Media platforms and managing the web presence of small businesses, as well as in the not-for profit sector.   


Operationally, Bonnie has successfully directed large-scale inventory procedures, adjusted company stock holdings, instilled loss prevention procedures, strategically cut payroll expenses, and managed major recall projects for high volume businesses.  Bonnie has acted as a Point of Sale Training Manager and Operational support for regional teams.


Recognizing the need for accessible, affordable, and customizable business management support, Bonnie Larity Carson founded 17 HANDS, LLC.  With her own multi-faceted skillset, and a network of coveted professionals at her fingertips, 17 HANDS, LLC. lives up to it's promise:  first hand experience, when you need it.