17 HANDS, LLC. provides Employee Relations support to businesses of all sizes, across the United States.  


We work independently, or in conjunction with your existing H.R. Department, in order to ensure you have the best people on your team, and are able to keep them motivated, happy and engaged in your business. 

We believe that people are your most important asset, no matter what industry you're in.  


Recruiting & Hiring


CUSTOM Company tools

Employee training 



Policy & Procedure Review


employee direct support

incentive & compensation planning



"Four Star Transportation of Melvindale, Michigan is a 40 million dollar flat bed transportation company.  We had been looking for an Office Manager and Administrative Assistant for the president of the organization for months, to no avail.  After much frustration and a loss of time and money, we decided to give17 HANDS a try.  I was hesitant as 17 HANDS is located on the East Coast and our headquarters is in the Midwest.  I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I felt with 17 HANDS right off the bat. I soon realized

they were in my corner and would go the extra mile to find the best fit possible for our situation.  Not only was 17 HANDS honest and realistic, but also exhibited a strong work ethic.  I also didn't feel like they were gouging us with an exorbitant fee as most recruiting companies do.  17 HANDS found just the right person who has all the skills and personality to fill the role.  I would use 17 HANDS in a heartbeat for any of our future needs!"


Diane Leoni

Director of Team Building

Four Star Transportation